Edging and its Benefits

Sex and masturbation can reach a whole new level with the Edging technique. This technique ensures proper blood flow to the penis and allows for more accumulation of cum and pre-cum. It’s like a tease-and-retreat sexual exercise that makes sex and masturbation more enjoyable for a longer period.

What is Edging?

Edging is a sexual exercise that helps to control orgasm. It’s simply bringing yourself to the point of ejaculation but stopping before you cum to allow the urge to pass. It can be done either alone or with a partner.

Edging with a Partner

One partner will stimulate the other and build up towards an orgasm, and will then reduce the intensity of stimulation when the partner starts feeling intense urge to cum. This technique allows for more sexual tension by varying the speed and intensity of stimulation. And when the partner is finally allowed to orgasm, the orgasm will be incredibly intense. Both partners should practice this technique very often to better understand each other’s bodies.

Edging during Masturbation

Edging is better controlled during masturbation as one can vary the intensity and duration of stimulation as it suits one. Stimulate yourself till you feel the urge to cum, and then stop to allow the urge to pass before restarting. In addition, to have more fun edging during masturbation, you should get a lubricant specifically designed for penis exercising, and also get good porn or teasing videos. BabesChallenge is a good resource for teasing videos.. Also, Twerk.TV, Pearl Thongs Club, We Love Camel Toes and Backstage Camera are good adult sites for great erotic, teasing scenes.

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Benefits of Edging

• Edging makes the penis healthier. The pre-cum during edging cleanses the Urethra and allows for easier passage of sperm cells.

• It helps to Increase quantity of cum and pre-cum as you delay ejaculation and maintain sexual tension.

• Edging helps to maintain sexual tension for a longer period as you repeat the process as many times as you’d like.

• It is useful in treatment of premature ejaculation as it helps you to learn more about your body to know the point of no return (PONR).

• Helps in treating Erectile Dysfunction by increasing blood flow into the penis.

About Pre-cum?

“What is pre-cum?” and “What does pre-cum do” are both common queries for people of all levels of sexual experience. Whether you are new to sex or you’ve been getting it on for years, pre-cum may still be a mystery.

Pre-cum is the male equivalent to a woman’s vagina getting wet upon arousal. When things start getting steamy in the bedroom, a man may notice a clear liquid leaking from the tip of his penis. Once again like a woman getting wet when aroused, the purpose is lubrication, though of a slightly different sort. Pre-cum serves to lubricate the inside of the urethra as well as make it less acidic, giving sperm cells the best chance possible of making it out alive.

Pre-cum may be a mysterious occurrence, but it certainly doesn’t have to be. It’s cause and purpose are both as simple as it gets. Best of all, pre-cum is a telltale sign of arousal and enjoyment in a man. If you are a woman, pre-cum means that you are pressing all the right buttons with your partner. If you are a man, pre-cum means the night’s entertainment is going to be incredibly enjoyable for you.

A Simple Sign of Arousal

Pre-cum is a sign of arousal and an aid to sperm cells—nothing more, nothing less. Now that you know all there is to know about this mysterious fluid, go out and enjoy a safe and satisfying sex life!

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